Summer Concert Series

2021 Winslow Park Summer Concert Series

Jul. 8 Coastal Winds 6:30-8
Always a fun starter to the season

Jul. 15 Rob & Maggie Coffin 6:30-8
Awesome harmonies and cool renditions of so many of your favorites

Jul. 22 JC& the Aces 6:30-8
Rhythm & Blues like you never heard!

Jul. 29 The Blues Prophets 6:30-8
So much fun you will have to dance to this one!

Aug.5 Not Too Shaap 6-7:30
All your favorite songs with great fun and harmonies!

Aug. 12 Cormac McCarthy 6-7:30
Great tunes, great stories, all around fun night!

Aug. 19 Jason Spooner 6-7:30
One of our all time favorite bands is back!

Aug. 26 The Old Dustys 6-7:30

Awesome local band playing all your favorites!