Harbor Master and Marine Resources



The Harbor Master enforces State and local regulations pertaining to the harbor, waterfront, and watercraft.  Work includes the responsibility for inspecting the condition of all waterfront structures, overseeing and regulating the use of all moorings.  The Harbor Master works with the Coastal Waters Commission.



Duties of the Marine Warden

As a sworn, uniformed member of the Freeport Police Department, the Shellfish Warden operates with the same training as a Freeport Police Officer and may be called upon to do a variety of duties. The Warden may enforce state statues. The Warden has to successfully complete the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Reserve Officer Training Program as well as a variety of other training in law enforcement and Marine-related issues.

Tasks of the Warden include: enforcement of Freeport's Municipal Shellfish Ordinance, water testing of Freeport's tidal areas in conjunction with the Department of Marine Resources, opening and closing of shellfish harvest areas, checking the size of harvested shellfish, checking licenses of harvesters, assisting in search and rescue operations with the Coast Guard and Freeport Harbor Master, and working with the Freeport Shellfish Commission on conservation efforts.



Under Maine State law, softshell clams ('steamers') must be 2" minimum, and hardshell clams ('quahogs') must be 1" minimum at the hinge.

A municipal shellfish license is needed to harvest clams in any location in Freeport with the exception of Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park. Any person can dig up to 1 peck of clams (for personal use only) per person, per day without a municipal license from Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park. Harvest in this area is still regulated under the 2-inch law for soft shell clams and 1" quahogs. Harvest must be done in a location that is open for harvest, and all harvesting is limited to Maine residents only.

All commercial harvesters must have a valid State of Maine Commercial Shellfish license as well as a town commercial license. 

At the time clams are landed for transport, the shellfish must be tagged with owner information. These tags must accompany the shellfish in all points of transportation. Every container of shellfish must have a tag with this information.

Shellfish harvesting at night is prohibited in the Town of Freeport under local ordinance.

If you suspect any shellfish poaching, please contact 

the Freeport Police Department at 865-4800; or you may call 

Dispatch at 725-6620; or you can 

leave an anonymous tip on the Police Department web page

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Charles Tetreau Harbormaster