Items Accepted? Recycling Containers & in Single Sort Compactor

  • Mixed paper which includes all Newspaper/Magazines/Junk Mail/books/Brochures
  • Paperboard: cereal and food boxes (remove inner plastic bag from food boxes)
  • Glass Jars/Steel Cans/aluminum foil and plates (please rinse out food residue)
  • Cardboard/Moving Boxes (Boxes MUST be empty)
  • Clear Milk Jugs (#2 HDPE) & bleach, detergent, and vegetable oil bottles (#1 PET)
  • All Rigid Plastic containers labeled #1 - #7 (please rinse out food residue)

ecomaine does NOT accept plastic bags or plastic film of any kind even if the bag/film has the recycling symbol on it. Therefore, it is not accepted in any of the Recycling Containers in Town or at the Recycling Facility. Please either put the plastic bags/film in your trash or take them to a retailer that collects this material. The bags/film must be clean and dry to be recycled. Retailers who collect this material typically have a collection container in the front of the store (Bow Street Market, Hannaford, Target etc.) Styrofoam is also NOT recyclable at ecomaine and must be disposed of in the trash. Please contact the Transfer Station if you have any questions 865-3740.