Planning Board

Town Council Chambers
Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2021 - 6:00pm

6:00 PM

ITEM I: Information Exchange
1) Update on recent actions by the Freeport Project Review Board

ITEM II: Public Hearing – Proposed Amendments to the Freeport Zoning Ordinance (pertaining to Shoreland Zoning)
This will be a public hearing to consider proposed amendments to the Freeport Zoning Ordinance pertaining to State mandated Shoreland Zoning regulations. All new proposed changes have been drafted to align with the State’s minimum requirements. Text amendments are proposed to the following sections: Section 104. Definitions; Section 201. General Restrictions; Section 202. Non-Conformance; Section 203. Changes and Amendments; Section 302. Zoning Map; Section 303. Zoning District Boundaries; Section 304. Map Corrections - Shoreland Zone and Resource Protection District (to be repealed); Section 401. Purpose and Land Use Controls; Section 402. Rural Residential District I and Rural Residential District IA; Section 403. Rural Residential District II; Section 409. Commercial District I; Section 422. Industrial District II; Section 426. Island District; Section 507. Shoreland Zone Regulations; Section 601. Enforcement; and Section 602. Site Plan Review. Some additional non-substantive text amendments are proposed throughout the Ordinance to correct typographical errors and to incorporate gender-neutral pronouns.

Note: Mike Morse from Morse Environmental Consulting, LLC will be present to give an overview of the proposed updates. If you have property specific questions, please contact the Codes Office 207-865-4743 ext. 102 prior to the meeting.

ITEM III: Public Hearing – Proposed Amendments to the Official Zoning Map for the Town of Freeport (pertaining to Shoreland Zoning)
The boundaries of the Shoreland Zone, as regulated by State law, will be updated. Many areas previously designated as Resource Protection 1 are being amended to “shoreland area”. Areas within coastal flood plains will remain in Resource Protection however will not be shown on the map, as the boundaries will be based upon the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Flood Insurance Rate Maps, as adopted by the Town Council.

Note: The proposed map also reflects any other zoning amendments already approved by the Council, but not currently reflected on the Official Zoning Map.

ITEM IV: Public Hearing – proposed Remote Participation Policy for the Freeport Planning Board

ITEM V: Persons wishing to address the Board on non-agenda items.

ITEM VI: Adjourn.

As of the date of this notice, the Town of Freeport recommends that all attendees to public meetings wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Documents for Meeting below:

Proposed Zoning Map Amendments for 9-1-21 Public Hearing