An urgent notice from the Town of Freeport, on behalf of our friends at the Freeport Sewer District

We realize that recent shortages of toilet paper may lead to people needing to be creative with their use of bathroom products, but PLEASE do not flush products other than toilet paper down the toilet. Although some products such as wipes and napkins may be advertised as “flushable”, they cannot be processed at the Freeport Sewer District pump stations. Heavier items such as paper towels, cloth towels, rags, and the like are NEVER flushable. Recent use of such items throughout Town has resulted in several emergency call-ins by Freeport Sewer District maintenance personnel in order to clear blockages and prevent sewer backups and overflows. 

If we all do our part, we can keep the sewerage where it belongs: in the pipes and pump stations underground!