2/6/2024 Town Council Public Hearing



Public Hearings have been scheduled for February 6, 2024 at the Freeport Town Council meeting starting at 6:00 pm at Freeport Town Hall, 30 Main Street, Freeport to discuss the following:

  1. Proposed amendments to Chapter 21-Town of Freeport Zoning Ordinance pertaining to New Cannabis Uses, including the following:

           a)   New proposed definitions to Section 104, including, but not limited to adding the new uses of: Cannabis Establishment, Cannabis Cultivation                       Facility, Cannabis Home Cultivation, Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing Facility, and Medical Cannabis Small-Scale Caregiver Operation.

           b)   The new uses of Cannabis Cultivation Facility and Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing Facility are proposed to be added as permitted                          uses, subject to Site Plan Review, to the following Sections of the Freeport Zoning Ordinance: Section 406. Medium Density Districts (MD-A &                    MD-B), Section 409. Commercial District I (C-I), Section 411. Commercial District III (C-III), Section 412. Commercial District IV (C-IV), Section                    415. Village Commercial District III (VC-III), Section 421. Industrial District I (I-I), and Section 422. Industrial District II (I-II).

           c)    Section 201. General Restrictions and Section 503. Home Occupations. These amendments would clarify that “Cannabis Home Cultivation” is                    permitted in every zoning district and that a “Medical Cannabis Small-Scale Caregiver Operation” can operate as a Home Occupation per the                      standards of Section 503. Home Occupations (as amended).

           d)    New Section 535. Cannabis Establishments containing performance standards for Cannabis Establishments is proposed.

           e)    Section 602. Site Plan Review add a review threshold for Cannabis Cultivations Facilities and/or Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing                          Facilities.

View the amended Chapter 21 here.

       2. Enactment of a proposed new Ordinance – Chapter 66 Town of Freeport Cannabis Establishment Licensing Ordinance.

           a)    The purpose of this Ordinance, in conjunction with certain sections of the Freeport Zoning Ordinance, is to provide for and regulate the                                 issuance of local licenses for Cannabis Establishments as defined in this Ordinance and to require their renewal annually in order to promote                     the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of Freeport and to regulate the location, density and type of land use activity involving                       Cannabis, all in accordance with the Marijuana Legalization Act and the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act, as may be amended.

View the proposed Ordinance here.

The public is welcome to attend.  For additional information see the Town of Freeport website at www.freeportmaine.com