Sustainability Advisory Board

Town Council Chambers
Event Date: 
Monday, November 22, 2021 - 6:30pm

FSAB Agenda 11/22/2021

Begin meeting 6:30

• Introductions (if new board members present): 5 mins

Christine asked members to meet this month (November) 

• Approve minutes for 10/18/21 meeting: 5 mins   FSAB Minutes 10/18/21

• Remote Meeting Ordinance: 5 mins

Discuss and approve language. Hearing scheduled for 12/20.

Valy proposes that we keep the ordinance exactly the way the approved ordinance is written with two changes: In the 4th paragraph, swap out "the body" for "Freeport Sustainability Advisory Board" (once in the first sentence, one in the second)

Peter Joseph said that we can use a laptop to allow for remote participation in both the TC chambers and in the back room

• Lecture Series: 25 mins

-Bradley room booked for all dates except May date. 6:30-7:30 lecture, seating limit 50, all must be masked, no food/drinks for now. Does not have technology to broadcast in hallway. Can tape lecture to broadcast at another time on town channel.

-Given the 50 limit, blended speaker series where we set up zoom either on the presenter’s laptop or one we bring in. Susana’s laptop. Can Susana do the recording?

-Consider recording and putting on the FSAB page on the town website in place of or in addition to the town channel.

December 6:  Green/Socially Responsible Investing by Anthony Eames and David Bennell on Corporate Sustainability/Responsibility.

Plan PR: Valy coordinate with cable staff, FCS, get bios of speakers to Josh. 

Josh design (Review flyer at 11/22 meeting) and send flyer to town bulletin and email list. 

Email 10 days ahead and then a reminder the day before. FSAB email list management (Josh will train Valy)

Kristen print (around 18) and distribute flyers 10 days before the lecture - around 11/25. 

Night of the lecture: Set up (6:00pm) and cleanup (stay until 8pm+) at FCS. 

Need volunteers:

Mandy help with set up and cleanup. Josh set up the in person technology- projection, sound and slides etc. Susana set up the zoom and manage that? What pro zoom account to use so can have more than 40min? Tom has two microphones and the camera for cable. Can cable camera be used for zoom at same time?

Recording training with Tom?--(Mondays and weekend days, and can be reached at 841-2895)

January 10: Looking at Maine’s future with a lense of building efficiency. Passive House/Retrofits: Codes and stretch codes - PassivHaus (Naomi Beal)  and green building/stretch codes - Bill Ginn (volunteer needed to invite him)

February 17th: Smart Growth (Kristina Egan) and another TBD speaker

March 14th: Food waste and composting (Susanne Lee and Garbage to Garden)

April 11th: Carbon emissions, Climate Action Plan (Susana Hancock and other TBD guests that Susana will invite)

May 9th: EPR waste,recycling,composting (Chrissy Adamowicz NRCM) ...eating lower on the food chain

• Choose Priority Topics for our work this year:  30 mins  FSAB Potential topics 

Prioritize for this year: Seeking funding from TC for Climate Action Plan and for part-time Sustainability Coordinator (Yarmouth may be interested in coordinating) 

MEDIA/COMMUNICATION:  Forecaster Articles: Tie to Lecture Series topics? Submit one/month. Discuss possible topics and guest writers.

Town of Freeport Municipal Bulletin - Volunteer needed for "Sustainability tip" section of the bulletin and for the FSAB website.

TREE BOARD: Discuss reconvening and initiating work. Liaison from FSAB needed. List of members

EV & SOLAR:  Formulate a position for an ordinance around EV chargers in public and private parking. Report out from Josh re: EV charger work done to date.

EV charging stations in new solar facilities? 

​​12+acre ground mounted solar facility on Rt 1 seeking approval - 11/17 planning meeting

EPR  This one pager covers all the common questions, including when it will start. Chrissy Adamowicz NRCM happy to help with community composting. Lecture in May?

• Discussion about how to best work with CAN:  10 mins

• Discussion about possible legislative work:  5 mins

Melanie Sachs, our state representative, is now a member of the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee --

Melanie has offered to attend a FSAB meeting either in person or through Zoom.         Mandy will liaison with Melanie. 

• Cecilia report out on Building permits data: 5 mins