Update 5-26-2020

Winslow Park Update as of 5-26-2020

After discussions with the Town Manager and subsequent conversations between Town leadership the Town Council has decided to make the opening of the park, as well as other town facilities, a discussion point at their scheduled meeting on June 2nd. Until they have this discussion we have been asked to continue to maintain the park with minimal staffing and keep the current regulations regarding facilities and parking in place. If it is decided that the park can open safely to camping after this meeting please realize that current park staff will still need a couple weeks to get extra staff in place in order to meet strict cleaning protocols. Until we get approval from town leadership, the park will remain closed to camping. At the current time we still have limited parking for those that would like to take a walk. The beach remains open for now as long as it doesn’t get overcrowded. If issues occur we will be forced to close it. Bathrooms, our main concern in all of this, as well as the playground and group meeting areas remain closed.

Everyone please respect the rules we have in place as it is essential to moving forward.

Stay healthy and safe. We will make it through all this eventually!