User Fees

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(Please note that all campsite prices are subject to 9% state sales tax)

Campsites- See reservation page for all fees


Cancellation/Other Fees:

Cancellation Fee: $15
Sewer Dumping Fee (non-campers): $50
Sewer Dumping Fee (registered campers): Free

Seasonal Campsites (sign up at gatehouse for lottery)
Resident: $1000
Non-Resident: $1900

Group Picnic Shelters:

Large (150 people): $200
Small (80 people): $125
(Freeport Residents $25.00 less, plus day use fee)

Day Use:

Resident: $2
Non-Resident: $3
6 years or younger and 62 years or older are free

Seasonal Day Use Passes:

(For immediate family only)
Resident: $25
Non-Resident: $50

Watercraft Launching Fees:

Canoes, Kayaks, Rowboats and other non-motorized craft
Resident: $2
Non-Resident: $3
62 Years or older (non-commercial): Free
Commercial (per launch): $4
Commercial (seasonal): $150
Motorized Craft (Including Sailboats)
Resident: $2
Commercial (per launch): $25
Commercial (seasonal): $250
Non-Resident: $5
62 Years or Older(non-commercial): Free

Parking Fees: Per Day/Night

Day: $4
Overnight: $10

Harb Cottage: Sign up for lottery at gatehouse

Weekly Rental June & Sept. & Oct.: $1500
Weekly Rental July & August: $1900