Town Council

The seven members of the Freeport Town Council serve as the chief elected officials of the Town of Freeport. All local legislative powers, including the authority to enact local ordinances, the authority to set an annual budget and capital program for the Town, and the authority to broadly set Town policy, rest with the Council. The Town Council has the sole authority to appoint and remove the Town Manager, and also must confirm the Town Manager's appointees to lead many of the Town's administrative departments. 

The Council's members are elected to staggered three year terms, so that either two or three Council seats are up for re-election in any given year. Four of the Council seats are reserved to represent the four voting districts of the Town (one for each district), while three of the Council seats are elected "at large", or by all of the voters of the Town. 

Each year the Town Council elects a Chair and Vice-Chair from within its membership. The Council Chair is responsible for the conduct of Town Council meetings and workshops, and often represents the Town as the ceremonial head of the Town government. The Vice-Chair serves in this capacity during any absence of the Council Chair.    

Please be advised that written communication to or from town officials regarding town business is considered a public record (Site Privacy Policy).

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Town Council Contact Info (2019-2020) 

Town Council Chair
John Egan – Councilor, At-large
38 Curtis Road, Freeport, 04032
(207) 865-6483
Town Council Vice Chair
Tawni Whitney – Councilor, At-large
56 Baldwin Road, Freeport, 04032
(774) 212-0269
Eric Horne – Councilor, At-large
62 Pine Street, Freeport, 04032
(207) 221-5172
Dan Piltch - Councilor, District 1
25 Quarry Lane
(207) 865-9803
Sarah Tracy – Councilor, District 2
2 Pettingil Road, Freeport, 04032
(207) 615-7287
Doug Reighley – Coucilor, District 3
PO Box 276, South Freeport, 04078
(207) 865-9545
Henry ‘Chip’ Lawrence – Councilor, District 4
93 Hunter Road, Freeport, 04032
(207) 749-4729