2020 Town Council Guidelines and Goals

 A pdf version of the 2020 Town Council Guidelines and Goals can be found here.

2020 Freeport Town Council Guidelines & Goals

The Freeport Town Council is committed to engaging our residents, and one another, in respectful, constructive dialogue about issues facing our community. Freeport is a wonderful place to live, work and visit, and has a reputation for inclusiveness and kindness. It is within this organizing principle that we adopt these guidelines:

1.The Council will prioritize, evaluate and control expenditures in operating and capital budgets to mitigate the impact on the tax payers and maintain a stable tax rate, while providing the highest quality services possible within the resources available.

2.The Council will promote accountability, transparent intercommunication, information exchange and collaboration on direction and process between Councilors, while conducting town business in a fair and efficient manner. The Council will prioritize: (a) transparency of decision-making and of Town government operations; and (b) attendance at Town Council and assigned Committee meetings.

3.The Council will promote efforts to engage Freeport residents and businesses in the governance, operation and activities of the Town of Freeport, and acknowledge those efforts and accomplishments.

4.The Council will be active in maintaining a strong relationship with the RSU5 Board and neighboring municipalities.

In addition to the guidelines set forth above, the Council will work on the following goals in 2020:

1. The Council will pursue solutions related to the reduction of carbon emissions relative to historic levels and the reduction of waste, while considering the costs of such solutions for the Town of Freeport.

2.The Council will explore infrastructure and policy opportunities that will promote active lifestyles for Freeport’s residents and visitors.

3.The Council will explore and undertake two initiatives to facilitate aging in place.

4.The Council will create an Aging Calendar for items and issues brought before Council until their resolution, including referrals out to committees, commissions, and boards.

5.The Council will coordinate with Freeport Economic Development Corporation (FEDC), other committees, and other local partners to identify and undertake efforts to encourage the continued vitality of the downtown district

.6.All committees, commissions and boards will have a Councilor visitation during the year

Adopted by order of the Town Council 01/07/20