Yard / Food Waste Composting

Food scraps can represent 20% or more of the average household’s waste and have a low fuel value at ecomaine’s waste to energy plant. Transporting this heavy, wet material to ecomaine is costly both financially and environmentally. The best way to reduce these costs is to compost food scraps right at home. Composting can be done in a pile in the backyard or in a specialized bin. Once you start diverting your food scraps from your waste stream and adding a carbon source such as leaves it won’t be long before you will have a great soil additive that you can use in your garden, flower bed, or lawn.

Not sure if composting is right for you?

This 17 minute How To Compost video might help.

Another way to handle it is to drop off food waste at the recycling center! For more info, read our Food Scrap Drop-off document.

The knowledgeable and friendly Recycling Center staff is available to answer any composting questions you might have. Just call 865-3740.

The Recycling Center sells the Earth Machine backyard composters, compost turners, thermometers as well as rain barrels.