Review Process

Most development, other than construction or addition to a single family home, will require some type of review to ensure that the project meets the requirements of the Comprehensive Plan and town ordinances. If formal review is required, the applicant should contact the Town Planner and schedule a meeting to discuss preparation of the application. Upon reviewing the project, the Town Planner will determine which Board needs to review the project.

There are three Boards:
  • Staff Review Board
  • Project Review Board
  • Planning Board

Each Board serves different functions. The Staff Review Board and Project Review Board review applications for subdivision review, site plan review and Design Review Certificates.

The Planning Board reviews requests for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Map, or Comprehensive Plan, and works on long-range planning.

Each Board typically meets once per month at the Town Hall. Public notices are sent as required by the Freeport Zoning Ordinance and Freeport Subdivision Ordinance. Agendas are also posted at Town Hall, the Freeport Community Library, and on the Town's website.

All Boards encourage and appreciate public comment. Written comments may be sent to the Town Planner, prior to the meeting, where they will be distributed to all Board members and added to the public record. Members of the public may address the Board during a scheduled Public Hearing.