Coronavirus Response Update - The Town Hall protocols to go into effect June 1st, 2020

Town Hall:

On Monday, June 1st, the Freeport Town Hall will reopen to the public after a period of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to minimize the risk to our customers and employees from potential COVID-19 exposure, you will notice the following changes from how you are used to using the Town Hall. We thank you for your patience as we adjust to these new traffic patterns and customer service patterns:  

  1. While the Town Hall will be open for business, we still encourage that you use online services whenever possible. The full list of online services available from the Town Hall is available here:
  2. The number of customers inside the Town Hall will be limited wherever possible to one per service counter/area. Customers are asked to limit their party size to 1 person inside the Town Hall unless absolutely necessary (ex: individuals requiring chaperones/guardians to complete transactions, 2 party transactions such as marriage licenses, parents without childcare, etc.)   
  3. Customers are asked to keep 6 foot minimum separation from any other customers or employees inside the Town Hall at all times.
  4. Customers will be greeted at the main (side) entrance to the Town Hall by an employee who will advise them if there is a wait for the transaction they are seeking to conduct.
  5. Customers are advised that staff expects a heavy volume of transactions such as motor vehicle registrations at the Finance Department window for the week of June 1st. As such, there will likely be a queue outside of the Town Hall for these transactions. Extended wait times are expected due to heavy customer traffic, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
  6. As outlined in executive orders issued by Governor Mills, cloth face coverings/masks are required indoors at all times, unless the individual is specifically exempted as listed in the executive order (medically unable to wear a mask, under 2 years of age, etc.).
  7. Hand sanitizer is provided at all service areas, customers are asked to sanitize their hands wherever possible before conducting business.
  8. Outside meeting areas will be available for individual/one on one meetings with Town staff.

The Freeport Community Library book drop has reopened and is planning to provide curbside pickup starting on Monday June 8th, 2020.

Details on curbside pickup can be found here. 

A map of the curb side route can be found here.

To keep up with Library news go to: and sign up for their email newsletter.




Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Freeport is taking the following steps to protect the health of the general public, as well as Town staff and emergency responders:

  1. The Town is placing additional measures in place to limit admittance to Winslow Memorial Park during peak use times. For more information, please CLICK HERE.
  2. For a list of community resources available to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, CLICK HERE. 
  3. Freeport Grocery Buddy Program - Freeport is launching a program to assist our senior neighbors over 65 and those with autoimmunity illnesses during the coronavirus pandemic.  This will allow our older residents or those with autoimmunity illnesses to take extra precautions during this time and to not worry about having to go to the grocery store and/or pick up groceries. For more information on participating click here.  To learn more about being a Volunteer click here. Please note that we are so grateful for the immediate response for volunteers - we already have over 30 volunteers signed up, but few folks asking for the service so far, so please spread the word to your neighborhoods (Don't forget other volunteer opportunities are available at Freeport Friends and Freeport Community Services!) To sign up to volunteer click here and read "How to make safe deliveries". Or you can contact the Town Office at (207) 865-4743 x121 or Melanie Sachs at (207) 299-6825.Please note that we recommend volunteers who are interested in shopping and delivering groceries be under the age of 65 and in good health due to the high risk COVID-19 presents to these populations. 
  4. For information on a grant program for any veteran, active duty, reserve or national guard member go to:
  5. The Town continues to recommend that residents utilize the following sources of information to keep informed and to read the most up to date, accurate, and unbiased official information on the COVID-19 pandemic. We recommend that residents read and closely follow the guidance provided by the Maine and US CDCs in order to minimize the threat to themselves and others from COVID-19.
    1. Maine CDC Website:
    2. US CDC Website:
    3. Within Maine you can also dial 2-1-1, which is now set up to handle Coronavirus inquiries.
  6. Effective 3/18/20, the following facilities are closed until further notice:
    1. Freeport Train/Visitor Center 
  7. Effective 3/18/20, the following public buildings are closed to the public, and have been restricted to as-needed/emergency access only. If you need assistance with a Town service or function that is not available online, please contact the appropriate department at the following numbers (or by email), and we will attempt to complete your request remotely.
    1. Public Safety Building - 865-4800
    2. Public Works - 865-4461
  8. At this time the Freeport Recycling Center will remain open on its regular schedule. Employees have been ordered not to handle your materials, and to maintain appropriate distancing from customers for their safety. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause. Additional guidelines for facility users will be posted at the entraces to the facility. We ask that you observe any temporary rules or guidelines that are posted at the facility.  
  9. The Town has cancelled or postponed all non-essential social events and programs at Town facilities until at least 05/01/20.
  10. Freeport Community Services (a separate non-profit from the Town) is also regularly posting updates regarding the services it provides to the community, which can be viewed here: