Winslow Memorial Park Restrictions - Effective 3/27/20

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and in an effort to prevent overcrowding and the congregation of large groups within Winslow Park, park staff have been authorized by the Town Manager to limit access to Winslow Park for day use until further notice. The main park entrance past the gate house will be closed to vehicular traffic until further notice. Park users are directed to park at the gate house parking lot (by the boat ramp). If parking is available in this lot, visitors are welcome to enter the park.  If this parking lot is full, the park is considered to be at capacity, and no further admission will be allowed. If the park is full, visitors are encouraged to return at another time (think early or late).

Please keep in mind that weekend afternoons are particularly busy at the park, and we expect that access will be limited at these times due to high demand.   

Within the park, the playground and group meeting areas will be closed until further notice. All visitors are required to maintain 10 foot spacing from everyone other than immediate family members. Visitors are encouraged to spread out throughout the park, and to avoid congregating heavily in any particular area of the park. If park staff witnesses violations of this policy, users may be asked to leave the park.

We understand that these restrictions may be inconvenient, however recent heavy crowds and gatherings of larger groups within the park have been observed by park staff. These crowds and gatherings are contrary to recommendations of the Maine CDC and the Governor’s Office to maintain appropriate distance, and may endanger the health of other park users. We hope that these preventive steps will address these concerns, so that the park may remain open for people to use safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.