The Award


            The Town of Freeport does hereby establish the Citizen of the Year Award, to honor those who have contributed substantively to the quality of the Town, the well-being of the citizens, and the reputation of Freeport.  This Award will be given to honor and ensure that the recipient’s commitment and contributions shall continue to provide an inspiration to all.




            The recipient shall be judged on the following criteria:


  • Must be a Freeport citizen or community group (Town employees are not eligible).
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of the Town and its citizens.
  • Has caused a measurable improvement in the circumstances of a significant number of townspeople. 


Nomination Process


            The Freeport Town Council hereby designates the Special Projects Committee to collect nominations yearly for the Citizen of the Year Award.  Candidates will be reviewed each year and recommendations for the Award will be made to the Town Council.  The Freeport Town Council shall present the award to a recipient who shall be chosen by the Town Council.


Award Presentation

The Town Council will honor the recipient in a public ceremony, with a commemorative plaque or other such remembrance.  Furthermore, recipients will be listed on a separate plaque, displayed in Town Hall, in honor of their service and contributions.


Nomination Forms

Nomination Forms are available on the Town’s website, the Town Clerk’s office, The Town Manager’s Office and the Library.


Deadline for submission of candidates is January 5 , 2023