Asylum Seeker Working Group

The Asylum Seeker working group is a resident committee, which was formed to support the recent influx of asylum seekers that arrived in Portland around June of 2019. Although it is not an official Town Committee, some Town Officials are participating as members. As such, information generated by this committee will be posted here to keep the public apprised of its activities. 

July 23, 2019 Meeting Notes

July 30, 2019 Meeting Notes

August 13, 2019 Meeting Notes

August 27, 2019 Meeting Notes

September 3, 2019 Meeting Notes

September 24, 2019 Meeting Notes

Resource List from Freeport Working Group to Welcome New Mainers - Final 10-7-19

Freeport Working Group Final Report - 10-15-19

Welcome Event - 11-7-19

Other Resources:

Guide to Welcoming Immigrants

New Mainers Guide to Greater Portland