What is the required paperwork when registering a vehicle?

For Re-Registrations:

Current or expired registration (yellow form) 

  • Current proof of insurance (with good expiration date on card) 
  • Current odometer reading

For New Registrations:
If purchased from a Maine Dealer:

  • Window sticker - required for ALL new car purchases 
  • Title Application 
  • Current proof of insurance (with good expiration date on card)

If purchased from a private sale:

  • Bill of Sale 
  • Current proof of insurance 
  • Title Application and Sales Tax Form will be given to you by the clerk. 
  • Note: If a vehicle is sold or traded, the plates and registration should be retained. It may be advantageous to transfer the plates and excise credit when registering a new vehicle. The clerk will help you calculate the better option. There are no cash refunds on unused excise tax for retired vehicles.

If previously registered out-of-state:

  • Out of state title 
  • Out of state registration 
  • Current proof of insurance from state of Maine 
  • Proof of Residency (e.g. power bill, phone bill, etc.)