Codes Enforcement Office Functions

  1. Issue all land use and construction permits

    1.  Review zoning, land and shoreland
    2. Review building plans and meet with architects and builders
    3. Review plumbing compliances
    4.  Review handicap (architects certification)
    5. Check State permits - highway, fire marshall's
    6. Check flood hazard
    7. Review any required prior board approvals
      1. Project Review Board
      2. Board of Appeals
      3. Planning Board
      4. Town Council
    8. Issue permits (building, plumbing, electric, Certificate of Occupancy, signage.
  2. Inspections

    1. Building (footings, drains, frame, c.o.) 
    2. Plumbing, internal 
    3. Septic, external 
    4. Electrical 
    5. Zoning 
    6. Investigate complaints (zoning and building) 
    7. Routine sign inspections 
    8. General review
  3. Enforcement 

    1. Documentation and notification of violation, action necessary to correct 
    2. Renotification 
    3. Documentation and hand-over for enforcement action 
    4. Document and prepare for any court action
  4. Miscellaneous 

    1. Review peddlers' applications 
    2. Review and issue temporary activity permits 
    3. Review, update and bill Directional Sign Permits yearly 
    4. Issue Flood Plain advice and letters 
    5. Document Junkyard compliance (yearly) 
    6. Review and do State and Federal Building reports (monthly)