Town of Freeport
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April 7, 2018

WINTER PARKING RULES- Parking is prohibited on all town streets from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am from November 1 to April 15. In addition, this provision shall be in effect all year on both sides of Harraseeket Road between Main Street and Dixon Road, and on both sides of South Freeport Road between Main Street and Park Street. For more info, see Town Ordinance Sections 48-208 & 48-209.

We understand that winter parking can be difficult due to heavy snowfall, limited parking, etc. But we ask that you do not park on the side of the road during snow storms. Our snow removal equipment is relatively large and it is difficult to maneuver around vehicles located on the side of the road. Also, vehicles parked on the side of the road are very difficult to see during heavy snow storms and can be accidentally damaged.

In addition, vehicles are prohibited from parking on any public street so as to interfere with or hinder the removal of snow by the Town’s plowing or snow removal operations. A vehicle so parked may be removed from the street by order of the Police Department, at the expense of the owner of such vehicle.


~Freeport residents are allowed two (2) 5-gallon buckets of sand per storm. Sand is located adjacent to the silver recycling bullet on Hunter Road in front of the Public Works Facility.

~For residents who park vehicles in driveways, please keep sidewalks clear so our sidewalk machines are not restricted in doing their job.

~On a final note, please do not push snow into sidewalks or public streets as this is not only against Maine state law, it is also costly and time-consuming for the Public Works Department to send vehicles and manpower out to go back to clean up a street or sidewalk.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at 865-4461.