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October 1, 2017

Recently the Cumberland County Regional Communications Center announced the start up of the CodeRED program. The CodeRED program does not replace any other emergency notification systems, but is meant as an enhancement to other programs. Public Safety agencies throughout Cumberland County will be utilizing the CodeRED program as a high-speed notification system to alert their residential and business communities of messages regarding the safety or welfare of the community. Some examples of incidents that CodeRED will be used for is: Criminal Activity, Missing Persons, Major Fires, Road Closures & severe weather alerts to name a few.
The Town will be utilizing this service as a way to communicate with the community during an emergency situation. Your decision to enroll or participate in the CodeRED program is strictly VOLUNTARY. Here is a link to program ... CodeRED Site

You can also register by calling 1-207-893-2810 and speak with a communications officer at the Cumberland County Communication Center.
The CodeRED database contains information received from various public databases, including regional phone books. However, many people no longer have a landline at their home. Instead they use a cell phone as their primary telephone contact. Your cell number is NOT listed in most of these types of databases. Therefore you may not be contacted when an emergency message is sent out to the community. Your voluntary registration into the CodeRED program will allow you to receive such emergency messages on your cell phone. Either by a telephone call or a text message. You can also choose to have the emergency messages sent to you through emails.
The Code RED program is FREE for the basic services. Like any other program, additional enhancements can be purchased if you choose to do so.
If you have any further questions about the CodeRED program, please contact the Cumberland County Regional Communications Center (893-2810) or visit their Website.