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December 20, 2016

Please be aware of the amended Regulation of Heavy Loads (Posted Roads) for the Town of Freeport, as of 9/6/16. Refer to the Street Regulation Ordinance, Chapter 15, on our Town website. See the details for Article 4 below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Public Works Department Superintendent, Earl Gibson, at (207)865-4461.

Article 4. Regulation of Heavy Loads

A. Heavy Load Limits.
Under authority of 29-A MRSA, Section 2395, all public roads may be temporarily posted to prevent abuse by heavy vehicles. The following rules and regulations restrict Heavy Loads on posted Freeport roads at any time.
B. Definitions
1. Freeport Roads: any maintained public road within the Town of Freeport
2. Gross weight: is the combined weight of the vehicle and its load.
3. Permit: A Posted Road Permit is required to operate on a Posted Road for all vehicles that are not Exempt Vehicles (see below).
C. Administration
1. In order to prevent excessive damage to Freeport Roads, the Director or their designee may close and/or post all or part of a highway to heavy vehicles at any time. No vehicles shall travel over closed or posted ways except those permitted by this regulation.
2. Posted Road Notice. Notice shall be given by erecting at each end of the closed road, a poster indicating the following: (1) the date of the posting, (2) a description of the road closed, (3) name of the Director or Superintendent of Freeport Public Works.
3. Exempt Vehicles. The following vehicles are exempt from this regulation:
a) Any vehicle or combination of vehicles of a gross weight of 23,000 pounds or less.
b) Town of Freeport highway maintenance vehicles or vehicles under the direction of a public jurisdiction with permission of the department engaged in emergency maintenance of public road or appurtenances thereto.
c) Passenger cars, pickup trucks, emergency vehicles, school buses, a wrecker towing a disabled vehicle of legal weight from a posted road, and vehicles with three axles or less under the direction of a public utility and engaged in plant maintenance or repair.
d) Any vehicle transporting home heating fuel (oil, gas, coal, stove size wood, propane and wood pellets) to a private consumer or gasoline, groceries, bulk milk, bulk feed, solid waste, rubbish, animal bedding, returnable beverage containers, removing sewage from private septic tank or providing port-a-potty services, are exempt.
e) Town of Freeport, at their discretion, may allow heavy loads over posted roadways involving singular, nonrecurring moves. Such permission shall be made in writing specifying limitations and shall accompany the vehicle at all times.
4. Permittee Responsibilities/Damage. If the Director has evidence that the permittee has caused damage to the roads, the permittee will be responsible for providing the full cost to repair the damage. No future permits will be issued until this damage is fully repaired.
5. Permit Cost and Penalty. The permit fee and violation penalty shall be established by the Town Council as shown in the Schedule of Fees at the end of the ordinance. If a vehicle is found to be operating without a permit, no future permits will be issued for at least 5 calendar days.


As of September 6, 2016

1. Highway Entrance Permit $150.00
(Per Application)

2. Highway Opening Permit $150.00
(Per Application)

3. Approved Contractor License $180.00
(Annual Fee)

4. Winter Openings Permit $900.00

5. Posted Road Permit $20.00 per vehicle

6. Penalty for Operating Without Posted Road Permit $300.00 per vehicle

Contractor License fees are non-proratable or non-refundable and are issued on a calendar year basis.