Town of Freeport
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Date: July 18, 2017
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Town Council Chambers

TUESDAY JULY 18, 2017 6:30 PM

FROM: Peter E. Joseph, Town Manager
Council Chair , Sarah Tracy, 2 Pettengil Road
Council Vice-Chair Melanie Sachs, 84 Kelsey Ridge Road
Councilor D. Scott Gleeson, 23 Park Street
Councilor John Egan 38 Curtis Road
Councilor Peter Anzuini, 87 South Freeport Road
Councilor William Rixon, 66 Varney Road
Councilor Leland Arris, 70 Glenview Road

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: Pledge of Allegiance

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS: To waive the reading of the minutes of Meeting #13-17 held on July 11, 2017 and to accept the minutes as printed.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS: Announcements (15 minutes)

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS: Information Exchange (15 minutes)

FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS: Town Manager’s Report (15 minutes)

SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESS: Public Comment Period – (30 Minutes)
(Non-Agenda Items Only)

SEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS: To take action on the following items of business as read by the Council Chairperson:

ITEM # 93-17 To consider action relative to adopting the July 18, 2017 Consent Agenda.

BE IT ORDERED: That the July 18, 2017 Consent Agenda be adopted.

(Council Chair Tracy) (5 minutes)
ITEM # 94-17 To consider action relative to approving annual Special Amusement Permits. PUBLIC HEARING.

MOTION: To open the public hearing
MOTION: To close the public hearing

BE IT ORDERED: That the annual special amusement permits for the following establishments be approved:

Gritty McDuff’s, located at 187 Lower Main Street, Freeport
Hilton Garden Inn, located at 5 Park Street, Freeport
Buck’s Naked BBQ, 568 US Route 1, Freeport
Jameson Tavern, 115 Main Street, Freeport
Harraseeket Inn, 162 Main Street, Freeport

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED: That the special amusement permit for the following establishment be approved pending Fire Chief and Code Enforcement Officer approval.

Azure Café, located at 123 Main Street, Freeport

(Town Manager, Peter Joseph)(5 minutes)

ITEM# 95-17 To consider action relative to awarding a contract for a new Public Works Natural Gas Generator.

BE IT ORDERED: That Mid Maine Generator be awarded the contract for a new Public Works Generator in the amount of $27,555.00.
Note: $7,500 was included in the FY17 Capital Budget and $50,000 was included in the FY18 Capital Budget for a total of $57,500. There will be additional expenses with this project including Natural gas line installation at approximately $2,800.

(Public Works Director, Earl Gibson)(5 minutes)

1. Discussion on Paper Streets (30 minutes)

END OF AGENDA (Estimated time of adjournment 8:30 PM)

Minutes/Other Documents


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