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Date: July 10, 2017
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Town Hall

Monday July 10th, 2017
6:30 PM
Old Business-
• Project Update
• Update of park system update
• Discussion of handicapped access/ADA compliant ramp to beach

New Business
Other Business
• Public Comment

Minutes of the July 10th,2017
Winslow Park Commission Meeting
6:30 PM
@ Winslow Park
As produced by Neil Lyman
Winslow Park Manager and Winslow Park Commission Secretary
In Attendance- Karissa Davan, Robin Baron,Carla Dupuis, Lucy Lloyd, Peter Anzuini, Neil Lyman (Park Manager
Absent- Steve James,Kim Swett, George Connick
Meeting convened at 6:30

The Minutes of the June 12th, 2017 meeting were approved
Old Business:
• Neil Lyman Gave a report on ongoing projects.
o He reported that the building that was moved from Pound of Tea Island is making headway, but slower than anticipated. Park staff has been doing all of the work themselves to save money on the project and has not had the time that they had hoped. The building should be completed by the end of summer.
o Park Staff has started building replacement picnic tables to cycle out ones that are in rough condition or are close to disrepair. The hope is to continue this over the next two to three years so that all are eventually upgraded.
o The purchase of a new loader/excavator is a go ahead with the public works department. They will be holding onto it until late summer when they take delivery of their new machine. At that point the park will take ownership of the one in question.
o The board discussed putting in wooded speed bumps on the side roads, which are not plowed. It was decided that this would be a good deterrent to people driving too fast around the park and camping area. This project will be planned for the fall or early winter months.
• A discussion was had concerning redoing access to the beach which would be more handicapped friendly. The current access ramp to the beach is rather steep and has no railings. Neil Lyman estimated that a new ramp that met grade requirements would be twice as long as the current ramp, require a large amount of site work and cost the park around $25,000.
o Multiple locations and alternatives were discussed. Due to the logistics, permits, and general scope of the discussion it was decided that this job would need further discussion and exploration.
o Karissa Davan suggested that grants also be explored since the purpose is to conform to ADA guidelines. She also suggested looking into opportunities within the Americans with Disabilities Act. She noted that there are different guidelines and slope grades depending on what level of accessibility is being achieved.
o The issue of DEP and other permits for such work was also discussed.
o The issue of accessibility for those with disabilities on the beach itself was also discussed. Would we add benches? Platforms? Etc…
o It was also noted by members of the board that someone should perhaps have a conversation with those more versed in ADA access to get better opinions on what the best course of action may be.
o The issue of the existence of ledge around the shore and if a permanent ramp of this nature is even a possibility was also brought up.
• Karissa and Carla reported that they have done some looking into upgrades of the parks computer and automation system and that they are currently investigating the states system to see if we are eligible or if it may work for us.

New Business:
• Neil Lyman brought up the issue of topped out and unhealthy pine trees around the park and suggested that the park may want to make a move at some point to start removing them and replacing sections with better tree options that provide better rooting as well as soil retention.

Public Comment:

Meeting adjourned 7:30PM