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Date: June 12, 2017
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Town Hall

Minutes of the June 12th,2017
Winslow Park Commission Meeting
6:30 PM
@ Freeport Town Hall
As produced by Neil Lyman
Winslow Park Manager and Winslow Park Commission Secretary
In Attendance- Karissa Davan, Steve James, Kim Swett, Robin Baron,Carla Dupuis,George Connick, Lucy Lloyd, Neil Lyman, (Park Manager
Absent:Peter Anzuini
Meeting convened at 6:30
The minutes of the May minutes were approved with two changes. Peter Polovchik needs to be taken off as he is no longer on the commission and Karissa Davans name had been misspelled on prior documents.
A new member of the commission, Lucy Lloyd, was present at the meeting and given a brief overview of the park and board.
Old Business:
• A general ongoing project update was given by Neil Lyman focusing on the house moved from Pound of Tea island and its status.
o George Connick asked about the construction on the porch and Neil replied that a handicapped ramp is being added.
o Lucy Lloyd asked about funding for the project and suggested that the Rotary Club may wish to contribute some money. Neil Lyman replied that construction is in good shape, but that landscaping and trees and shrubs in general at the park are always a welcome donation. Lucy also suggested we get a wish list of games and amenities for the building together.
o Georg Connick suggested that perhaps the new building should be dedicated to Paul Powers, the original trustee of Winslow Park. Neil expressed a little concern with this being done on that particular building due to the fact that when it was donated it was asked that a plaque be put up in memorial of the houses old resident, Robert Johnson. The subject is to remain open and a proper dedication should be considered for Mr. Powers.
o Neil Also noted that the main field had been reseeded and was coming in well and that plans for a new maintenance shop were still underway.
• Neil Lyman handed out a to-date income report for the park which showed income up approximately $15,000 from this date last year and approximately $5,000 above the best year we had to this date which was 2012.

New Business:
• A discussion was started concerning upgrading the paved ramp to the beach and extending it approximately 50 feet in order to meet ADA specs for accessibility. It was decided that Neil should come up with some drawings as well as price estimates. The next meeting will also be held at the park so that the commission can get a visual of the work that would need to be done.
• Neil Lyman gave an update on the possible purchase of the towns used backhoe/loader for $25,000 in the coming fiscal year. George Connick moved to approve the purchase and it was approved unanimously by the board.
Other Business:
• Carla Dupuis discussed the fact that the commission is currently without a vice-chair and nominated George Connick. George agreed to take the position at least as an interim solution. A vote was taken and it was unanimously approved.
• A discussion was once again had about upgrading reservation systems at the park. Karissa Davan expressed concerns with the old system and the inefficiency of it for both staff and park users. Carla discussed Sunrise Reservations, a specific company, and expressed concerns with customer service hours. The Idea of a sub-committee was again discussed and Carla, Karissa and Lucy agreed to meet and reopen the subject.

Public Comment:

Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM