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Date: January 9, 2017

Freeport Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2017
Attendees: Elizabeth Housewright, KathyHeye, Melinda Doel, Andrew (Sandy) Allen, John Creasy, Pam Goucher, Joe Vertenten, and Arlene Arris
Excused: None
Absent: None

Meeting Minutes:
- Meeting called to order at 7:00PM
- December 2016 meeting minutes approved
- Director’s topics:
o Security cameras
 Rick Semard—Arlene needs to catch Rick with the latest round of questions concerning the security cameras brought up in the December 2016 meeting
o Chocolate bash fundraiser (Wednesday before Valentine’s Day, February 8th) 6:30-7:30PM
 Arlene asked for volunteer support (time or food)
• Sign-up sheet available for donations
• Will be held in the meeting room this year to help with additional seating
• Raffle tickets also available
- Appointment committee
o Expecting 2-4 people new people in the next month or so
o May require orientation meeting to get new board of trustee members up to speed on strategic plan efforts
- Ranked public library service responses to incorporate into library’s new mission statement
o Top 3 choices of the board (five or more trustees selected)
 Connect to the Online World
 Create Young Readers
 Satisfy Curiosity
o Listened to mission statements from other southern Maine libraries (Yarmouth, Falmouth, Brunswick, Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Scarborough)
o Listened to a few samples of mission statements from board members (John, Melinda and Sandy)
o Writing a Mission Statement handout provided in the December meeting was a good reference
 Active voice/verbs
 Needs to be for the users, not the board or library staff
o Recommendation for a sub-group of three people to go off and write a proposed mission statement for the Freeport Community Library
 Would need to be approved by library director and town manager
 Library staff should also review—can their work flow out of the mission statement
 John, Melinda and Sandy will send their samples to Elizabeth to collate for the entire group
 Elizabeth and Pam will then meet to draft the proposed mission statement
o Focus groups will be put off until next meeting once we have new members
 Discussion on goals and objectives of the strategic plan that flows from the mission statement should start next month
 Focus group can help narrow areas of direction for the strategic plan
 Many trustees expecting that the library is already doing much of what will get incorporated into the strategic plan; they are just not under a formal umbrella
o Library doesn’t have a suggestion box
 Would need to monitored/acted upon
- Meeting adjourned at 7:56PM

Minutes/Other Documents

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