Town of Freeport
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Date: February 6, 2017
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Freeport Community Library

Freeport Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2017
Attendees: Elizabeth Housewright, KathyHeye, Melinda Doel, Pam Goucher, Joe Vertenten, and Arlene Arris
Excused: John Creasy
Absent: Andrew (Sandy) Allen
Special Guest: Mary Stewart (library staff member—children’s room)

Meeting Minutes:
- Meeting called to order at 7:01PM
- January 2017 meeting minutes approved
- Director’s topics:
o Readout of library conference (Arlene and Mary)
 Total cost of attendance (two people): $1,277.11
 Good conference, but scheduled at the same date as the Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers NFC conference championship game—very crowded
 Arlene provided examples of some of the breakout sessions at the conference
• Including some of the recommendations of how the library should act on its strategic plan
 Mary provided an example of how publishers are using new fonts to help mitigate issues with dyslexia
• Other items she learned:
o Importance of being out on the floor with patrons and not just sitting behind the deck
o Self-checkout of books/items
o E-books—benefits (access to library can be an issue)
 Freeport moving from Overdrive to Bibliotech for e-books
• Should be much more user-friendly
• Some older Kindles may not work with Bibliotech
o Mango language books—support people where English is a 2nd language (Portland library supports, but Cumberland County residents can get a Portland library card)
 Placemaking—looking at a space, finding a way to repurpose/make a space new again
• High school students using the porch on Fridays to play Uvio/Pokemon
- Appointment committee
o Four new people expected to join the board for the March meeting
 Melinda Doel and Sandy Allen’s board terms expire in March
- Mission statement draft
o First draft: Our Library is a safe, welcoming community space connecting people of all ages to information, ideas and each other in order to enhance curiosity, discovery and informed engagement.
o Revised draft: Our Library is a safe, welcoming community space connecting people to information, ideas, and each other to promote curiosity, discovery, and informed citizenship.
o Revised draft approved for Arlene to take to the town manager for approval
- Meeting adjourned at 7:59PM