Town of Freeport

Hours & Contact Information

Office Hours:
Winter (week of Nov. 15 > week of April 15):
Monday through Thursday 6:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.;
Friday 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Summer (week of April 15 > week of Nov. 15):
Monday through Thursday 6:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday closed.

Office Telephone: 207-865-4461 | Fax: 207-865-0244

Mailing Address: 7 Hunter Road, Freeport, ME 04032

Superintendent: Earl Gibson |

More information can be found here.
Office Assistant: Tammy Morrissey |
Town Engineer: Adam Bliss |

The following is a list of Posted Roads in the Town of Freeport. The posting will begin February 19, 2019 and continue until May 1, 2019 dependent upon the weather. All heavy vehicles are required to attain a permit to operate on a posted road in Freeport regardless of temperature. Regular delivery route trucks are exempt (Oil trucks, Propane Gas Trucks, Trash Haulers, Municipal Vehicles and other necessary vehicles).
This list is subject to change without notice. For current information or questions contact the Public Works Department (865-4461).

Allen Range Road
Baker Road
Bartol Island Road
Beech Hill Road
Bonney Street
Bow Street
Bragdon Road
Brown Road
Buttercup Drive
Carriage Road
Chapel Street
Cheehawk Road
Concord Road
Cove Road
Cross Street
Curtis Road
Cushing Briggs
Desert Road @ Campus Drive
East Street
Elm Street
Flying Point Road
Foster Ave
Gay Drive
Grant Road
Holbrook Street
Howard Place
Hunter Road
Justins Way @ Cross Street
Kendall Lane
La Rue Drive
Lambert Road
Ledgewood Lane
Litchfield Road
Lower Flying Point Road
Lower Mast Landing Road
Lunt Road
Main Street, South Freeport
Maple Avenue
Merrill Road
Middle Street @ Bow Street
Murch Road
Nathan Nye
Noble Drive
Old Brunswick Road
Old County Road
Old Flying Point Road
Old Mast Landing Road
Old South Freeport Road
Park Street
Park Street, South Freeport
Pettingil Road
Pine Street
Pleasant Hill Road
Poland Road
Porters Landing
Prout Road
Richards Lane
School Street
South Freeport Road @ Smelt Brook
South Street
Staples Point Road
Stonewood Drive
Summer Street
Torrey Hill Range Road
True Street
Upper Mast Landing Road
Varney Road
Wardtown Road (from Woodside Ln to Town line)
Ware Road
Webster Road
West Street @ Depot
Wolfe Neck Road
Woodside Lane

Objects in the Town’s Right-of-Way
Placing objects such as bushes, trees, fences, decorative rocks and flowers in the Town’s ROW may become a problem when it comes time for roadside mowing, ditching work and plowing. This is especially the case around driveways, should the need arise to repair or replace a culvert.

Please contact the Public Works Department for information regarding the location of the Town’s ROW on your street prior to doing any such landscaping work. Though we do our best not to cause damage to property, the Town of Freeport cannot be held responsible for anything erected or located within the Town’s ROW while doing roadside maintenance.

Ditching Material Available
During summer maintenance and construction projects, the Town of Freeport offers residents free ditching material. This allows the double benefit of saving disposal costs for the Town, and providing free fill for residents.

Material will be distributed on an “as available” basis, with priority given to interested residents closest to the project, since this will save the Town on trucking and disposal costs.

The Town requires a written material acceptance agreement to be completed and renewed each year, which can be found on the Public Works Department page on the Town’s website. Applications are also available at the Public Works garage on Hunter Road. Residents interested in learning more can contact Tammy Morrissey or Earl Gibson at the Public Works Office at 865-4461.

The Public Works Department would like to pass on a few friendly reminders for the upcoming winter season:

1. Freeport residents are allowed two (2) 5-gallon buckets of sand per storm. Sand is now located adjacent to the silver recycling bullet on Hunter Rd. in front of the Public Works Facility.

2. No parking is allowed on public streets nor in turnarounds during winter storm events – please keep streets and turnarounds clear of vehicles (including trailers, campers, etc.) during a storm. Our winter parking ban is now in effect, from 11:00pm-7:00am, and will continue until April 15. For more info, see Town Ordinance Sections 48-208 & 48-209.

3. For residents who park vehicles in driveways, please keep sidewalks clear so our sidewalk machines are not restricted in doing their job.

4. On a final note, please do not push snow into sidewalks or public streets as this is not only against Maine state law, it is also costly and time-consuming for the Public Works Department to send vehicles and manpower out to go back to clean up a street or sidewalk.

For any residents who have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at 865-4461. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

In addition, vehicles are prohibited from parking on any public street so as to interfere with or hinder the removal of snow by the Town’s plowing or snow removal operations. A vehicle so parked may be removed from the street by order of the Police Department, at the expense of the owner of such vehicle.

Driveway Snow Removal
During the winter months we know removing snow from the end of your driveway can be frustrating. The placement of snow at the end of your driveway cannot be avoided by our snow removal equipment. The following diagram shows what you can do to help keep this to a minimum. Also we would like to remind you there is a state law (29A MRSA 2396) that prohibits pushing of snow into the public way. This includes pushing snow across a public street. SEE DIAGRAM FOR KEEPING END OF DRIVEWAY CLEAR!

Winter Sand for Residents
Winter sand is available for residents’ personal use (sand is not allowed for contractor use). Each residential dwelling is eligible for up to 10 gallons of sand per storm. No stock piling is allowed. Any resident assisting a fellow resident with sanding must provide the Public Works department with written confirmation prior to taking additional materials. Taking of pure rock salt is prohibited without approval from the Public Works Superintendent. The use of municipal sand for the sanding of private roads is prohibited.
The winter sand is available on Hunter Rd. adjacent to the silver bullet recycling container.

Mailbox Damage
The Town of Freeport does its best during snowplow operations to avoid damaging any personal property. But anything erected or located within the Town's right-of-way is the property owner's responsibility to replace if damaged during normal snowplow operations. The Public Works Department is happy to work with you in locating areas for mailboxes, fences, etc., to minimize the chance of damage and to make sure property is located safely. More detailed information about how to reduce mailbox damage is available here.

Sidewalk Snowplowing
The Town requires that business and property owners within the Village Commercial 1, 2, and 4 Zoning Districts maintain the public sidewalks in front of their property by keeping them clear of snow and ice. A copy of the Ordinance is available HERE. In addition, the Town plows snow on about 4 miles of sidewalks in other areas of town, including Holbrook Street, Morse Street, Kendall Lane, North Main Street, and part of Bow Street.

More detailed information about the Public Works Department winter operations and ways you can help things go smoothly is available here.

Private road signs – How do I apply for a private road sign?
You need to complete the Private Street Sign Application and drop off the application at the Public Works Department during business hours. There is a fee for the sign and installation and this fee must be paid prior to ordering and installation.

How do I get inert fill material for my property?
During summer maintenance and construction projects, the Town of Freeport Public Works Department offers to deliver free ditching material to residents. You must complete and submit the Ditching Material Acceptance Agreement and sign this release form on a yearly basis. Release forms from 2016 expired on Dec. 31st and therefore need to be renewed for 2017.

Who do I call when there is a dead animal in the road?
You can contact the public works department during business hours or dispatch during non-business hours.

How do I get permission for a street opening?
You can either contact this department or contact the Code Enforcement Officer at the Town Hall to fill out a Street Excavation Permit application form. Please refer to the Street Excavation Ordinance when considering an application. There is a fee attached to this permit.

Please remember that no person shall be granted a permit to excavate or open any street or sidewalk from November 15 of each year to March 31 of the following year, unless an emergency or special condition exists and permission is obtained in writing from the Director.

Any person wishing to obtain a Highway Opening permit between these aforementioned dates shall first explain fully in writing the emergency or special condition to the Director before issuance is granted. Refer to the Town of Freeport Street Regulation Ordinance, Chapter 15, Article 3C, Item 5, on the Town website. Feel free to contact the Public Works Department Superintendent, Earl Gibson, at (207) 865-4461 if you have any questions.

How do I get permission to create a driveway opening/curb cut onto the street?
This would require an entrance-opening permit. You would complete the Driveway Permit application form. Please refer to the Street Excavation Ordinance when considering an application. There is a fee for this permit.

I have a complaint about the condition of a road, what do I do?
The town maintains some roads in Freeport and others are maintained by the Maine Department of Transportation. You can call the Public Works Department with any concerns. If it is a State Road, please call MDOT's office to notify them of the problem at 885-7000.

Posted Roads, what does this mean?
Every year in the spring, the Town puts a weight limit on the roads so that heavy vehicles will not damage the roads while the frost is working its way out of the ground. The weight limit is: vehicle weighing over 23,000 pounds are prohibited, unless they have a town permit. Roads are generally posted from late February through May 1st. The fee for the permit is $20 per vehicle per day.

Snow Removal:
* Road Plowing
* Sidewalk Plowing
* Sanding and Salting
* Stockpiling Sand

Storm Damage Repairs:
* Road washouts
* Bridge repairs
* Fallen trees

Road and Sidewalk Construction/Maintenance:
* Potholes, Overlay Program
* Shoulder Maintenance
* Right of Way Maintenance (Ditching and Brush Clearing)
* Constructing and Extending Roads
* Crosswalk and Line painting
* Sidewalk maintenance and construction

Municipal Property Maintenance:
* Building repairs
* Cemetery care
* Park and property maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance:
* Seasonal equipment changes
* Municipal and School vehicle maintenance
* Major equipment repairs

Other Services
* Municipal Signs
* Storm drainage clearing and repairs
* Village litter control
* Tree planting and pruning
* Culvert maintenance