Town of Freeport

Hours & Contact Information

Office Telephone: 207.865.4743 | Fax: 207.865.0929

Mailing Address: 30 Main Street, Freeport, ME 04032

Station Manager: Rick Simard |

Freeport Community Television is a community access station located at the Freeport Town Hall in Freeport, Maine. Rick Simard is station manager. Freeport holds a Franchise Agreement with Comcast that provides a cable channel for its televising facilities.

FCTV is a Public Access and Governmental facility and covers many events that take place in the Town of Freeport. The core of our programming consists of local governmental meetings, special events, and a message board that runs community service announcements. FCTV also has a Remote Production Vehicle (RPV) for cablecasting and recording from remote sites.

Q: What is the connection between Community Television 3 and Educational Channel 14?
A: FCTV 3 is based at Town Hall and was created years ago in an effort to bring awareness to the community of what events are going on and what the town government is doing. Educational Channel 14 is based at Freeport High School and was created to give students hands-on experience with audio/video equipment, and for presenting Freeport public school-related topics to the public.

Q: I can't find FCTV in my channel lineup. Why is that?
A: FCTV is channel 3 for Comcast cable subscribers only. It does not come over the air nor will satellite subscribers be able to receive it.

Q: How can I get my community event recorded for television?
A: Sometimes someone from FCTV will be able to come to your location and record the event. However, often the case is that you must record the event yourself and submit it to us for cablecasting.

Q: How can I get a show on FCTV?
A: Send an email to Rick Simard regarding the creation of a television program. Guidelines for using town equipment are outlined in the FCTV Policy Manual.

Q: How can I get my announcement on the FCTV message board?
A: Look at the message board section of this website. It explains the correct format and font size, and how to send us your announcement.

Q: What programs are scheduled to play on FCTV at the moment?
A: On our message board a slide cycles through with the programming schedule for that week.

Q: What does VOD mean?
A: VOD stands for video on demand, means that any particular municipal meeting may be available for viewing at your leisure on the internet.

Q: How can I access past municipal meetings from my computer?
A: Previously recorded meetings are available by Clicking Here.

Our message board is composed of slides, each playing for about ten to twenty seconds. The result is a slideshow on television that gives viewers an idea of what is going on around Freeport. The fastest way to get your slide on the message board is to attach the file or document as a .jpg image to an email and send it to us at FCTV. Be sure to use a minimum of 30 point font size.

A jpeg can be added to our television message board without any special formatting.

We can take text and make a slide for you, but unformatted text spends significantly more time in our "to-do" box than something ready for television. Paper copies of announcements for our message board should be mailed to:

FCTV Message Board
c/o Rick Simard
30 Main St
Freeport, Me 04032

When creating a slide keep in mind:
*All announcements must be laid out using landscape page formatting or setup
*Text should be large enough to be legible on television sets. 30 is the recommended minimum font size.
*The color red bleeds a lot on the television screen; only color text red if it is large.
*Edges of the slide may be cut off on television screens; give your slide 1 inch margin on each border and top/bottom to ensure that people will be able to read all of your text.
*Jpeg slides should not be any larger than 1024x768. 720x 540 is recommended.

Messages sent in as a jpeg slide usually end up on television in one or two business days.

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