Town of Freeport

Hours & Contact Information

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Office Telephone: 207-865-4743 ext. 106 | Fax: 207-865-0929

Mailing Address: 30 Main Street, Freeport, ME 04032

Town Engineer: Adam Bliss |

» Provide technical review of subdivision and development applications to the Project Review Board, particularly related to storm water management and site design.

» Perform inspections of new development projects, road construction, and related improvements.

» Support other Town departments, such as Public Works and Recycling, on engineering and permitting issues.

» Develop programs to monitor and report for environmental compliance (State and Federal).

» Conduct special projects, such as storm water management studies and environmental permiting applications.

» Staff to Traffic & Parking Committee

» Investigate and report on any engineering isues referred by the Town Council or Town Manager

Stormwater pollution is reported to be the largest source of water quality degradation in the country. This has resulted in a growing awareness that stormwater quality should be protected so that the beauty and recreational appeal of local water-bodies can be maintained or even enhanced.

The Town Engineer is involved with stormwater issues in a variety of ways:

» The Town has strong development regulations that require site plan review projects to include stormwater protection devices as part of the design. The Town Engineer is available to meet with applicants to discuss stormwater requirements as they relate to their project.

» The Town of Freeport is one of 28 municipalities in Maine that is regulated under the Clean Water Act Phase II Stormwater Regulatory Program for the discharge of stormwater. The Town has a five year Stormwater Management Plan with six control measures: Public Education, Public Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination, Construction Runoff Control, Post Construction Runoff Control, and Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.

» The Town of Freeport enacted an ordinance in 2004 that prohibits the discharge of non-stormwater items into the storm drain system. The ordinance says if it's not stormwater; don't dump it down the drain! To view the ordinance, click here.

For more information about stormwater quality issues, look at the Town's Stormwater web page, with links to other sites.

Members of the public and Project Review Board applicants are encouraged to contact the Town Engineer at any time during office hours. The Town Engineer will help clarify the Town Ordinances or explain the status of other Town projects.