Town of Freeport
The Train Center's function is to facilitate the experience of Downeaster riders.

Hours & Contact Information

Office Telephone: 869-5310
Mailing Address: 30 Main Street, Freeport, ME 04032

Train Center Manager: Ed Bonney |
The Train Center is located in the Hose Tower building next to the Downeaster Station at 23 Depot Street.

Train service has commenced in Freeport as of November 2, 2012. Passengers can now ride anywhere along the line between Boston and Brunswick in comfort, convenience, and safety. You may find a schedule HERE.

You may also contact the station for assistance. Our staff (Sue Granholm, Sandy Penny, Sherri Hofacker) will be happy to help you with your questions.

1. Freight trains don't travel at fixed times, and schedules for passenger trains change. Always expect a train at each highway-rail intersection.

2. All train tracks are private property. Never walk on tracks; it's illegal trespass and highly dangerous. By the time a locomotive engineer sees a trespasser or vehicle on the tracks it's too late. It takes the average freight train traveling at 55 mph more than a mile—the length of 18 football fields—to stop. Trains cannot stop quickly enough to avoid a collision.

3. The average locomotive weighs about 400,000 pounds or 200 tons; it can weigh up to 6,000 tons. This makes the weight ratio of a car to a train proportional to that of a soda can to a car. We all know what happens to a soda can hit by a car.

4. Trains have the right of way 100% of the time over emergency vehicles, cars, the police and pedestrians.

5. A train can extend three feet or more beyond the steel rail, putting the safety zone for pedestrians well beyond the three foot mark. If there are rails on the railroad ties always assume the track is in use, even if there are weeds or the track looks unused.

6. Trains can move in either direction at any time. Sometimes their cars are pushed by locomotives instead of being pulled, which is especially true in commuter and light rail passenger service.

7. Today's trains are quieter than ever, producing no telltale "clackety-clack." Any approaching train is always closer, moving faster, than you think.

8. Remember to cross train tracks only at designated pedestrian or roadway crossings, and obey all warning signs and signals posted there.

9. Stay alert around railroad tracks. No texting, headphones or other distractions that would prevent you from hearing an approaching train; never mix rails and recreation.

What is the train schedule for Freeport and Brunswick?
The times for passenger service through Freeport are
Week Days south from Brunswick – 7:20am, 6:10pm
Week Days north from Boston - 12:15pm, 8:05pm

Week Ends south from Brunswick – 7:20am, 6:10pm
Week Ends north from Boston - 12:15pm, 8:45pm

F denotes a flag stop. The train will stop in Freeport only if a reservation has been made. Please note that schedules are subject to change without notice.

You may also want to check out the current COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULE regarding all stops between Boston and Brunswick.

What are the ticket prices?
Prices depend upon time of the year and time of the day you will be traveling. Discounts and promotions are often available. Please refer to the web site, Amtrak Downeaster, for details. It is worth noting that many discounts and promotions require advance purchase.

Where can I buy a ticket?
E-tickets are available on-line, at Down Easter Tickets.
Tickets can be purchased at the Quick-Trak Ticketing machine in the Freeport Train Center, 23 Depot Street.
By phone: 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245).
Through a ticket agent: in Portland and Boston only.

Are reservations required?
Yes. The Amtrak Downeaster is a RESERVED SERVICE. Tickets are required prior to boarding. All passengers must have a valid photo ID to purchase tickets and board the Downeaster trains.

Will there be a charge to park a car in Freeport and take the train?

Will there be transportation available at the Freeport station?
Yes. Taxi service will be available (through A B Cab, a Freeport company). Some local hotels and inns also provide free service for their guests. No other service is currently planned.

Where can I get a hard copy of the Downeaster schedule?
At the Freeport Train Center, 23 Depot Street (“Hose Tower” building), 869-5310.

Will there still be freight trains running through Freeport?
Yes. They will run around the passenger schedule but are not themselves on a fixed schedule. Passenger trains have priority on the track because they run on a fixed schedule.

Will the freight trains run at night?
They currently run at night on occasion and will continue to do so.

Are people allowed to walk on the tracks?
No. A federal law prohibits pedestrians, motorized vehicles, bicycles, and pets from being on or around the tracks or the rail right-of-way. Tickets will be issued for violations.